Taz Yassin

Taz Yassin, born 1995, in a small surfing village of The Canary Islands. Currently he is the youngest professional shaper in the industry, working with WCT level athletes.

By age 12 he shaped his first board, by age 15 he was working as a production back-shaper for factories around the world, And by age 16 he was already being invited to compete in shaping events alongside legends such as Pat Rawson, John Pyzel, Reno Abellira, etc…

In Taz’s reasonably short period of time as a shaper, he has already worked with legendary shapers such as Matt ‘‘Mayhem’’ Biolos, Maurice Cole, Tim Patterson, Peter Daniels and many more...

Taz has basically grown up in surfboard factories. And he’s been labeled as a young prodigy in the industry pretty much from the word GO.

And because one of Taz's biggest goals is to promote, and inspire dream chasing people. He donates 5% of everything he earns monthly to the Make a wish foundation. An organization that helps sick children fulfill a dream that they have, in their lifetime.

Apart from collaborating with a handful of manufacturing brands to produce his boards around the world. Taz is also one of the newest and youngest editions to the VISSLA creators and Innovators program.