The New Era, was originally built off of our previous short and wide package, the Reaper.

Length-wise, it’s still one of the most minimalistic boards in our selection. It features a relatively curvy outline and rocker all around, to make the board feel really positive in the pocket, with a forward outline and deep concaves to drastically increase its drive and flow despite its reduced size.


Designed with a slightly more grovelling intention, for 2015. We widened the tail a little, to help link turns together with greater flow. Pulled in the nose just a touch to balance out the amount of rail in the water.

Best suited to the same waves you'd ride with a regular high performance shortboard (3 to 6 foot surf).

Available tails
Squash (Standar), Round, Diamond, Swallow, Super-Swallow.
Stock dimensions

5'4 x 18.75 x 2.25 - 23.7L
5'6 x 19 x 2.32 - 25.5L
5'8 x 19.25 x 2.38 - 27.35L
5'10 x 19.50 x 2.46 - 29.4L
6'0 x 20 x 2.56 - 32.2L
6'2 x 20.25 x 2.63 - 34.4L