Tripping in the US.

Tripping in the US 

Photography by Mario Azurza ( ), Adur Letamendia ( ) and Kenny Hurtado ( ).

From the Basque country to the Canaries, from the Canaries to California (San Clemente – San Francisco – Newport – Santa Barbara). And from California to Florida… I’ve had a hell of a trip.



I’ve just returned to my place of living (The Basque Country), after a great trip around the US. Needless to say with all the spots on the list, that it was a pretty packed one.

First, we did a two week long photo shoot with Vissla, for the upcoming summer 2015 catalog. Which was great. The shoot took place in an incredibly cartoonish house in Newport, with most of the Vissla youth. (Jordy Lawler, Cam Richards, Cory Colapinto, Luchas Dirkse, Derek Disney, Cole Houshmand, Corban Campbell, etc). Shot mostly by Kenny Hurtado, a great guy and professional surf photographer from Huntington Beach.






Then from there i had a jump over to San Francisco, for a meeting i can’t really say much about. But i can say, i had a great moment of happiness getting to see the golden gate bridge for the first time.




After that, i headed all the way across the country to Cocoa Beach, Florida. To fulfill a week long Production run in collaboration with the guys from ‘Quiet Flight’. A legendary East Coast surfboard label, seen before under the feet of some of the best guys to ever come out of that neck of the woods, from Hobgood bros, to the Slater Bros, you name it, they’ve ridden one. Amongst all the stock and custom production i did over my week in Florida, i also shaped two boards for CJ Hobgood, which then got painted with Urban Camo tails. (So keep an eye out for them!).  A 5’9.5 x 18’1/4 x 2’3/16 Pop in a Round tail. And a 5’7 x 18’5/16 x 2’3/16 New Era (Reaper2) in a Swallow tail.








Following the Florida trip, i actually looped all the way back to California, for a shapers summit in Santa Barbara, and then on to the Lower trestles contest where we hung out with all the guys. Aritz had a couple of good heats, taking down some big names like the lights of Josh Kerr. On a 5’9’1/2 x 18’1/4 x 2’5/16 ‘Double A Battery’ (a new model for 2015).









After returning and mediocrely getting over my Jetlag. I’m really looking forward to the months ahead, with the european ASP season in full swing.

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