Quivers: From the pros to the Joes.

We’ve realised a lately , that people tend to be really interested in the wide spectrum of what surfers generally ride. So in this post, we’ve decided to list the exact dimensions and models of what some of the team guys are riding. As well as what regular guys like myself and Chris Grow from Shred-show are riding.

The first few boards are from Jonathan Gonzalez‘s stable. Jonathan weighs around 68Kg. The first photo shows a 5’11 x  18’5/8 x 2’5/16 x 25.8L Xboard and a 5’7 x 19’1/4 x 2’5/16 x 26L Reaper with tapered rail, we made for him last year whilst i was in California, shaping at Mayhems. The 5’7 actually turned out to be magic, he still takes it out all the time when ever the waves need some extra flare.

And the second Photo, of the X’ed out boards, is a set we made for him towards the end of 2013, at the Pukas factory. A 6’0 x 18’1/4 x 2’1/4 x 25.6L Xboard (The red stripes). A 5’11 x 18’3/8 x 2’1/4 x 25.7L Experimental test model (The blue and green stripes). And a 5’10 x 18’1/2 x 2’5/16 x 26L Superpop with some added rocker in the tail (The yellow and purple stripes).

jonathan 1



These two are a set we made for Gony Zubizarreta, he weighs around 70 Kg, but he’s a lot heavier coming into his turns than Johnny. A 5’11 x 18’3/4 x 2’1/4 x 26.1L Superpop altered with a little bit more rocker and rail volume than the standard file (Left). And a 6’0 x 18’5/8 x 2’1/4  x 26L Xboard (Right).



This set are the recent two we made for Europes own raging bull. Aritz Aramburu, the man of the hour, who once again did the impossible by being the first and only spanish surfer to ever qualify for the WCT (Now, for the second time). I’ve being getting brief chances to work with him over the last couple of months, adjusting to his lightweight (68-69 Kg), yet very powerful style. Aritz might use the same sort of volume as someone of his weight would. But he needs the rail volume of someone almost twice his size, to stop him from catching rail, when laying into his gauging hacks.

We made him a 5’10 x 18’3/8 x 2’5/16 x 26L Pop because of the lower tail rocker, with the full outline and fuller rails (Left). And a 5’9 x 18’1/2 x 2’5/16 x 26.1L Superpop (Right).




 QS-Warrior, Hodei Collazo, also weighing in at around 68Kg, is someone i’ve been really fortunate to get the chance to work with these last couple of months.  Really great guy, great to work with, easy to stay in contact with,  just great. The first twins we made for him, set a really nice tone to our relationship. 5’11 x 18.25 x 2.25 x 25.2L Xboard, and a 5’10 x 18.5 x 2.25 x 25.7L altered Superpop file, with a strategic flat spot along the tail and a little more rocker.

And then for the second set, he pretty much ordered the same boards… which is always a good sign. He just asked for a little more volume in the 5’11′s rails. And a 1/16 less width on the 5’10.




And now for the Joes…. The last couple f boards i made for myself (Taz) and Chris Grow from Shredshow. Just so all the non-perfect humans out there, can get a glimpse into what is also legal to ride.

I (Taz) weigh, around 75 Kg. And i’ve been riding primarily between between the high 27′s to med 28′s in liters alately. In the photograph, i’m holding a 5’10’1/2 x 18’3/4 x 2’3/8 x 27.7L Underdog, which probably ended up being the best board i’ve ever had. Even when you shape for yourself, it’s hard to get things right sometimes. Because you have nobodies opinion or direction but your own, which sometimes isn’t always the right one. But with this board it all just fell into place. Tho i do need a little more volume in it when i’m in the Basque country at winter time, riding the thicker bumpier waves territory. Those dimensions for good waves like the Canaries go insane, then i have another Underdog in slightly bigger dimensions (Pictured below), in a 6’0 with around 28.1L of volume and a thumb tail, that goes great here in the North.




Last but not least, here are the two boards i shaped for Chris Grow from Shred Show (featured in a previous post).  Chris weighs around 90Kg. And we made him a 6’2 x 19’7/8 x 2’5/8 x 34L Underdog and a 5’8 x 20’1/4 x 2’5/8 x 34.2L Speedball. And i’m pretty sure he was stoked on them too, because when a guy with as many surfboards as Chris, chooses to surf the same boards, time and time again for months on end, something had to be working good.

chris grow


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