Quivers they ride : From Pro surfers like Aritz, to Joe surfers like myself (Taz).

We’ve realized a lately , that people tend to be very interested in the wide spectrum of what surfers generally ride. So in this post, as a follow up to our first QUIVERS blog post, we’ve decided to list the exact dimensions and models of what some of the team guys are riding. As well as what regular guys like myself, jump on, to get wet.

First Up, Aritz Aramburu (68Kg x 5’9).

It’s been a great couple of months working with this legend. Very detailed and precise feedback, leads to very detailed and precise surfboards.

Aritz doesn’t like to change dimensions very much, he virtually rides the same thing in most conditions.

The two most consistently positive boards we’ve worked on, are his own version of the POP, in 5’9 x 18’5/16 x 2’5/16 x 25L round tail (with a 2’1/4’’ rail) which will actually materialise into his own promodel for next year (The Double A battery). And a 5’7 x 18’3/4 x 2’5/16 x 25.5L ‘NEW ERA’ (Reaper2) with a swallow Tail.










Next up, Natxo Gonzalez (70Kg x 5’10).

In my opinion one the most exciting surfers in the country right now, in terms of how versatile he is. This guy can go from surfing record breaking barrels on a 9’2 shooter one day, to  thrashing thru to the final of an ASP Projunior the next.

We’ve made 2 batches of boards for Natxo since our introduction into working together, 2 months ago. The first batch not really clicking, due to his hard to pinpoint high-board-volume preference. But the second batch resulting in some, ‘dare we say’ magic boards.

Last batch was a 5’9 x 19 x 2’1/4 x 26.7L ‘NEW ERA’ (Reaper2) in a round tail and a 5’11 x 18’3/4 x 2’5/16 x 26.3L Xboard. Both of which worked well enough to get him to the final of two consecutive high profile Junior and National comps.

atxo podium

natxo carve quivers

Natxo portrait

natxobackside quivers


3rd on the shuffle list, Gony Zubizarreta ( 70Kg x 5’11).

Gony’s a great, happy-go-lucky guy, always with a smile on his face. He actually has a main shaper he works with mostly, called Nick Orrucchio (of Semente surfboards), based in Portugal, who pumps out some great boards for him. But Gony is one of those, who loves trying different shapes and applying everything he learns from those, to his daily feedback with Nick.

So for the last batch we made for him, we kept it simple with a 5’11 x 18’3/8 x 2’5/16 x 25.7L Xboard and a 5’10 x 18 7/16 x 2’5/16 x 26.3L SBoard (Stubbier version of the Xboard).

The feedback, overall was really positive…

‘‘They get so much release off the top when i do snaps or tail-outs’’ ‘‘Really fast and drivey too’’, ‘‘Thanks Taz, little legend’’ – Gony Zubizarreta.

gony quivers carve

ony quibers


Now… The worlds hardest man to get a hold off, Jonathan Gonzalez (68kg x 5’9).

A really close and beloved friend of mine, tho sometimes a frustrating character to maintain attention with, Jonny is a legend.

Also on the surf-everything boat. Jonny likes to try everything, and learn from each board.

We just released a super short edit of him slow-mowing his last batch of 6’0s and 5’11’s. And we also have another 3pack in transit, on the way to his house.

Basically JG sticks to his classic go-to dimentions… Always ranging between 6’0 x 18’1/4 x 2’1/4 x 24.9L and 5’10 x 18’5/16 x 2’5/16 x 25.2L. Mostly ‘Xboards’ and ‘Pops’. Tho i did sneak a 5’7 x 19’1/4 x 2’5/16 x 26L ‘New Era’ (Reaper2) in there too, just to spice things up a little with the domesticated dude.

jg quivers frontside

jg quiver quivers

jg qivers backside


Now for the little green giant, Luis Diaz (57kg x 5’6).

15 years of age and at the absolute hardest point in his life, to get his dimensions right. Never the less, a growing boy with huge potential, pretty much making it into the final of every contest he enters.

Over the last month, we’ve made everything from 5’5’s in 19L to 5’8’s in 22L, in order to dial in his key volume. The resulting ‘whole in one’ where two Xboards in   5’7 x 17’7/8 x 2’1/8 and 5’7 x 18’3/4 x 2’1/8. Both with a different Round and Squash tail. And ranging around the 21.5 Liter range.








luis diaz quivers snap

luis diaz stand quivers

luis diaz quivers carve


Taz, myself (81Kg x 5’11).

Now for the ‘Joe’ section of the post, myself…

Making your own boards, believe it or not, is pretty hard. You have so many endlessly creative ideas to make a personal gem. That it becomes increasingly difficult to choose one by one which idea to realize next.

The last few boards i’ve made myself are a 5’8 x 19’1/4 x 2’7/16 x 29.5L Bait in a round tail, and with a tapered rails. And a 6’1 x 19 x 2’7/16 x 29.4L Underdog with a Round tail.

The round tail Bait has actually been getting me thru the summer really well, it works great in small waves helping link turns over the common flat spots at beach breaks, but i’ve tried it in shoulder high waves too, and it was super fun. A little too fast at times, but great to play with.

And my Underdog, i made it originally to surf the summer south swells we get in the Canaries, which tend to have a nice pocket to them, but i actually ended up trying it out at Lower Trestles first, on the recent trip i just made there. And the thing just went so well, i was stoked i brought it along.





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