Coming soon… The Underdog

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The UNDERDOGĀ is a high performance shortboard for the everyman (Finally!). Not a round-nosed fat potato, or a rebranded groveler shortboard. A real, genuine pointed nosed shortboard, with a slightly fuller outline for stability, yet still narrow enough for control in good waves.

Lower nose rocker for drive and glide, with a curvy tail kick, for tight turns.

Extremely generous volume (in the stringer) under the chest all the way through to the nose, for catching heaps of waves, but well hidden enough with a tapered rail up front for 0 movement restrictions once you’re up and riding.

If you’re an everyday guy, who wants an easy to ride shortboard, without having to give up your maneuvers and turns in the pocket, this is your board.


Here’s ShredShows view on the design (Previously featured).


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